5 ways to catch more trout fly fishing.

Thanks for being interested in how to better or just simply refresh on some basic concepts on how to become a better fly fisher. These are some basic steps so if you have anything else to say or add please go ahead and comment I always love feedback but now let’s get back to the reason you are here in the first place


  1. First thing is first, check the water temperature

Trout are effected deeply by the water temperature of the water because not only their temperature is regulated by the water but so if their food. Most trout have a stable diet of aquatic insects and the insects thrive depending on how cold the water is. Also to hot is no good. Summer can over exhaust trout so it’s best not to fish for trout late summer. Rule of thumb from the ancient trout gods is 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit is optimal trout fishing.

  1. Think outside the box

Stop running up to the creek grabbing a fly in your box and just putting it in the water. Before even approaching a hole try to read the water from a distance. You can probably see the way the water is moving looking for nice holes, pockets and other features. I don’t know how many times I can tell you I see people on the stream just walk up and start ripping a fly to just put their line in the water. Best part of this is because I took my time saw what kind of fly a trout was rising for I walked up after he left and caught a nice 20inch brown trout right out of the hole he just left.

  1.   Don’t be afraid to be different

Just because your buddy says that technique doesn’t work that doesn’t mean he is right. In fact, I had a good friend one time tell me using a dropper with a bigger dry fly used as the strike indicator would not work. I simply said we will talk at the end of the day. Turns out a half our later and 5 nice Brooke Trout later, I get the question to what my dropper rig is and what kind of dry I was using by my good old stubborn friend. Being a good guy I rigged him up.

  1. No need to always stand in the water

I see more and more people running up to the creek stream or river run up and can’t wait to get there $400 waders wet and splash around in the water. Trout have sensor that runs parallel down their spine and picks up movement from bait and most importantly, predators. So just because you have waders look at them like last resort.

  1. Cast with theory

It takes one cast to ruin the hole you just worked on getting too. Take your time and read that water. Like for the foam because the foam is home. Where the foam is on top moving with the current is usually the most food filled part of the stream’s current. Also, if it’s a little pocket behind the rock, remember a lot of times more trout sit in front of the rock as well because there’s a current break right there as well. If I am questionable about a long stretched hole, I try the middle first and it’s because most of the time the spooked trout will swim down keeping the other trout at the top of the hole calm and un disturbed



Remember the only way to catch more trout is to fish more, so thanks for reading!

-Tom Malason












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