Photos With My New Camera

So last week I had Time to get out and take my new camera for a walk around. The camera was awesome for the first use. I purchased a Nikon D600 and I’m very happy to own my first full frame digital camera. The picture quality is very good considering some of the images were shot with a older lenses.

Any way me and my girlfriend Lexy took a drive through the PA Grand Canyon and stopped to get some good photos. It was freezing so our exploring wasn’t too far out into the wilderness on foot but we definitely put some miles on the car.

The photo above was the first image I took with the camera out there and it’s not my best but I was surprised to see the quality of the image. You can definitely tell how much more photo you get out of having a full frame sensor. I enjoy the the way the cameras setting are making it easy to function quickly in my opinion.

My favorite photo was under this really cool area that was covered with pine trees. There was also snow on the ground which made it a little funny when working worth how much exposure was showing up in some photos. But you be the judge, I think this photo came out awesome.

So overall with all of the photos I took over the weekend I came to a conclusion I am in love with my new camera.

– Tom Malason



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