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Hello Internet

So this is my first blog I would like to begin to just give a general idea of what I do and some other background information of me. So first of Im from a small town located in south east PA. I grew up in Birdsboro for most of my life, before I joined the military. I was in the military for six years as an infantryman. I learned a lot from that experience, from discipline to courage and so many other great values I carry in my life today.


My future 


I am currently attending Pennsylvania College of Technology enrolled in the Web & Interactive media major which is a bachelor’s program. I’m focusing on how to one day build my own business and career using my web design skills taught to me from Pennsylvania College of Technology. I think I am more of a front end developer compared to backend developer. I truly Enjoy designing and developing the look of a web page. Functionality is important, but when you see a bad site it kind of hinders the look of the company’s web experience for the possibly future customer or client. I plan to continually learn as much as possible because with technology my field of study only gets bigger and bigger as time goes on with always something new to learn. I also enjoy the idea of creating a good brand for a company. This covers logo design and everything that helps push the overall marketing plan to the web page.




I truly love to get outside and explore. There’s so much to see in this world and I never want to take anything for granite because were only here on this planet for so long. I really enjoy taking landscape photos. To me there’s nothing better than capturing the world around us. I feel as if you get a true feeling for the natural beauty and what you can find in one simple work through the landscape around use. I enjoy to get out when I can away from my computer, not that I hate it but, I just want get outside. Saying that, I also love to go fishing. It’s been a passion of mine sense I was a young boy, and it gives me so much understand of what the outdoors has to offer us. I enjoy snowboarding and many other activities as well that are outside.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!


Tom Malason

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